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Purity of Arms

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A "Salute to Simie" Machal reunion took place on the week end of 24 - 25th March 1995  E-mail

Machalnik and anthropologist Allie Dubb, who attended, submitted the following report.

Between 1956 and 1961 about 200 young South Africans- many interrupting their studies to do so- volunteered for a 15 month stint of military service in Nachal.
Of these, several remained in Israel, while many others returned to make aliya at a later stage. Unlike the Jewish World War 11 Veterans and War of Independence Machalniks, the ex- Nachal servicemen and women did not establish any kind of organization to preserve their identity. A special Yishar Koach therefore to Shalom Levinsohn, and his co-organizers for their considerable effort in setting up this rare get- together at Kibbutz Hasolelim.
The theme of the reunion was a salute to Simie Weinstein- father, mother, analyst, lawyer and above all, friend of the mixed bag of boys and girls who were his responsibility for almost six years. On Friday evening after kaballat Shabbat and a slap up dinner, we retired to the Kibbutz clubhouse where we were regaled with lapse of time- embellished chizbatim and other memorabilia. Simie corrected some of the stories here and there for the record and was then persuaded to tell some of his own. By elevenish- none of us were as young as we were thirty odd years ago-  most of us had given up and turned in. Shabbat morning some of us went to shul and some on an unforgettable tiyul to the Zippori National Park.
The weekend’s activities culminated with a ceremony at which appreciation was expressed not only for Simie’s role during our army service but also his and Chana’s continued service to us and all South African olim for so many years.
Simie and Chana were presented with a certificate of their inscription in the Golden Book.

This report appeared in "TELFED" the organ of former S.Africans now living in Israel

To view colored  photographs of this reunion  CLICK HERE