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Purity of Arms

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Remembering Simie  E-mail


I was a mere child in short pants, when I first heard of the famous 2 "Chaplains" in the S.A. Army, returning from the 2nd World War - Captain Itamar Romm - son of the well known Rabbi Romm and Major Simie Weinstein - the "country boy" from Oudtshoorn with the heavy, "Gawie" accent.
I was fascinated by the name "chaplain" and tried to conjure up in my mind, what sort of role such a "multi Professional" was to lonely, vulnerable, sometimes frightened, young men - far from home, parents and friends (then and again in 1956).... a father figure, uncle, Psychologist,, soft shoulder liason man with the S.A. Embassy, Telfed, and the Army. Yes - Simie was all these - and more! We always looked forward to his weekly visits. He brought us the mail from home and gave us "free" aerogrammes, urging us to write and tell everyone at home, that "hakol b'seder".
He was also a sincere, good friend, who always had a good word , a constant smile and left you with a positive message. He always made you feel good and we looked forward to his weekly evening visits. I will forever remember Simie's valued contribution to ease our adjustment into the culture shock ! - KOL HAKAVOD !