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Purity of Arms

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Later Period (1950's )  E-mail

Rafi Dobrin ( Machal 1957 ) Recalls . . . .

But it was only years later as a more mature person, that I realized more clearly, how deeply Simie Weinstein had cared about his boys and girls spread out all over Israel, some enduring spartan conditions on a border kibbutz, within rifle range of enemy combatants, while others were at training camps, learning the hazardous skills of warfare, using materials that could blow one to smithereens. He cared for us and he cared about us. At a moment’s notice he would head uncomplainingly for some distant spot to handle an emergency. It was no surprise that many ex-machalniks subsequently asked Simie to officiate at their weddings.

Perla and I had met while we were serving in Nachal in 1956 . On my discharge in 1958 we were
married at the Telfed Hostel in Tel Aviv in a military ceremony officiated by Simie Weinstein.
( see above photograph )

The army organized the wedding at their expense.
Life was much simpler in those days and Perla arrived in a taxi while I
came by bus accompanied by my friends and a bottle of brandy, which we
finished even before the ceremony began. There was music. The food was
simple- no speeches and we hardly received any presents. But what a great
atmosphere!. Simie rescued me at the signing ceremony because he said I was

The Hostel was packed with many recently discharged soldiers, a group from
Tzora and veteran Israeli members of Perla's family.
Col. Shulman issued us with a Ktuba Tzavi-it (Military Marriage document)
which remains today one of my most prized possessions.

Roy Chweidan  (Machal 1956 )