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Purity of Arms

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On the Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem Highway (route number 1), just before Sha'ar Hagai, turn off on the road to Beit Shemesh. You enter a long curving stretch, and the -Machal Memorial is about 300 metres from where the curve ends. A road-side sign on the right indicates the location of the Machal Memorial. At that point, you turn left into the Yitzhak Rabin Forest, and the parking area for the Machal Memorial is only about 50 metres from the turn-off point.

From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv on route number 1, a road-side sign on the right, just before Sha'ar Hagai, indicates the location of the Machal Memorial. Here you turn to the right, which brings you on to the Beit Shemesh road and to the Machal Memorial.