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Purity of Arms

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Thanks are due
a) To David Migdal Teperson who collected and collated the records for the Machal Archives which have been incorporated into this website.

b) To the World Machal web site team who created and continue to update the site.



1. David (Migdal) Teperson. Organizer of the Machal Museum
2. Doddie Gordon: Graphic designer and editor 1956-'67
3. Maurice Ostroff: Project leader
4. Harold (Smoky) Simon: World Machal chairman
5. Doreen Bliss: Editor
6. Zipporah Porath: Editor
7. Harry Shaer: Editor: 1956-'67
8. Joe Woolf: Editor and chief researcher
9. Tzemach Bloomberg: Editor 1956 – '67
10. Nadav Reis: Webmaster
11. Dave Bloom: Consultant
12. Part of the extensive archives

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