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Purity of Arms

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Aish Machal by Smoky Simon  E-mail


On Tuesday 13th September, Tzemach Bloomberg (Machal 1956-65) and I had a lovely experience. We were invited to meet and speak to a group of 22 members of “Aish Machal” from the U.S., Britain, and France. They are currently going through a “toughening-up” course of 6 weeks in preparation for their 14-month service in the I.D.F.

When we met them they were running on the beach and going through some pretty tough exercises. We then met at the Museum of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi, where I gave them about an hour’s talk on the War of Independence, and Tzemach gave them a talk on the traditions of Machal. They were extremely interested in our stories, and asked very interesting questions.

The leader of the course, Baruch Chedia, is an earlier American Aish Machal graduate, and their training commander is also an American Aish Machal graduate.

Tzemach and I spent two delightful hours with these new Machalniks. If during their stint they decide on Aliyah, they will then complete the regular period of 3 years of service.



Smoky Simon

Chairman, World Machal

14th September, 2011